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If you are interested in learning how to fly cast or perfect your fly-casting technique I invite you to one of my fly-casting workshops.

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The best way to learn or improve your fly-casting is to get lessons from qualified fly casting instructor. It is my goal as a Certified Master Fly casting Instructor of the Federation of Fly Fishers America to pass on Fly-casting and fly fishing skills. I instruct in an efficient and an easy to understand manner making it easy for the novice to pick up fly-casting quickly. I have a broad knowledge of different fly-casting styles and am not dogmatic in my instruction; every fly caster has his or her individual unique style. In my courses I will not only help you refine you're casting technique but will show you how to identify and correct your own faults. I strive to give top quality instruction using state of the art equipment. I use digital cameras and video equipment to help the students refine their fly casting technique quickly and efficiently. Every effort will be made to develop the student's individual casting style.